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More on the topic of balance!
Posted by : Amanda Fletcher tags : balance, yoga, barre, wellness, Pilates

Now that we’ve established that life takes balance, what does that mean? We are constantly told of the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, but aren’t often told how to keep up with these important aspects of life. They tend to be the first thing to fall by the wayside. When the demands of everyday life add up, how do we stay consistent in achieving our personal goals?

  1. Schedule yourself into a class and stick to your schedule. If you make the class as important as your business meetings and other appointments, you will be more likely to show up and stay committed. This is not to say that coming to class should be a chore—it shouldn’t be! Rather, make this time for yourself as important as your time to complete tasks for others.
  2. Remind yourself how you feel after you’ve completed your workout. Especially on days when I’m dragging my feet into barre, yoga, or Pilates, I am grateful to myself afterwards for taking the time and making it to class. Maybe you feel the same?
  3. Even if you have to take an extended break—for work, travel, sickness, or injury—don’t be fooled when your mind tells you it will be too hard to get back into your routine. Sure, it may be a little more challenging at first, but ultimately, you will thank yourself for getting back into the swing of things!
  4. Be gentle with yourself! We all have those days when we feel less strong than usual or more tired. You can still come to class and get great benefits from your workout. Work within your body’s limitations, and thank your body for all it does for you. There will be another strong, energetic day ahead, and your workout today helps ensure that day will come sooner rather than later!
  5. Finally, take time to rest! Life can get so hectic and we can start to feel like there is not enough time in the day for anything more, let alone taking a rest. However, I personally find that the more I am able to give myself some quiet time (even if it is only five minutes per day), the more time I can find in my day to be productive. Try it out! You won’t be sorry.