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How is barre different from other fitness classes? Is it a dance class?

Barre is a full-body workout that focuses on stress-free movements in a fun, music-based setting. The theory behind Whole Body Barre is that each exercise focuses on small movements that work specific muscle groups to fatigue, thus providing optimal results. Strengthening is followed by stretching to create long and lean muscles. Barre is set to music and incorporates movements found in dance, yoga, and Pilates. It is not a typical dance class but does have language that will be familiar to dancers, yogis, and Pilates practitioners. If you’ve never tried any of those types of movement, barre can give you a fun introduction to those mind-body principles in a relaxed environment. 

What should I wear?

Whole Body Barre includes standing, seated, and lying exercises, so your clothing should be comfortable and enable you to move in a range of movements and positions. Our floors are hardwood, so sometimes people prefer socks that grip, but they are not a requirement. 

Does Barre work? Is it safe?

Whole Body Barre is a highly effective movement system. If practiced regularly (we recommend 3-4 movement classes per week) it will tone and lengthen you very quickly. We also offer full Pilates and yoga classes as a supplement to the barre, and we find that integrating these classes with barre helps you strengthen and tone more quickly.

All Whole Body Barre classes are very safe. Our instructors are all highly trained professionals in the movement industry, and because most of us teach in multiple disciplines we can offer more modifications and adjustments. Whole Body Barre’s owner, Dana Dreifus, has spent more than five years working in a physical therapy setting and is highly conscientious about making the workouts safe, effective, and fun!

How is Whole Body Barre different?

           Whole Body Barre is able to offer a variety of classes and services because of the high level of training of all of our instructors, our varied backgrounds and focus areas, and our collective devotion to including fun new movement sequences in every class.

We also offer full yoga, Pilates, and personal training sessions to supplement your membership. We believe the more varied your movements are, the more effective your body works!  Cross-training is one of Whole Body Studios’ core principles, and our variety of class offerings and instructors will help guide you to the best places for your body.

What should I look for in a Barre isntructor?

Barre should be both fun and challenging. We want you to sweat! But if you ever experience any pain, your instructor should be able to correct your form or change the movement. You should feel comfortable in the class and have fun! Our instructors have a strong anatomy and movement backgrounds that help them lead you safely through the exercises!


Are men welcome at Barre classes?

Whole Body Barre is for everybody!  

I’m coming to Barre after an injury or taking time off from working out. What should I know?

           Barre is very safe but also very challenging. If you’re returning from an injury or time off, please let your instructor know. We’ll give you more modifications and attention to help you transition. Just do what you can without pain, and we can help find the right pace for you!

What should I bring?

Whole Body Barre provides mats, balls, weights—and most importantly, the barre! Just bring a water bottle and yourself!


How often should I do it?

We recommend 3-4 movement classes a week. Whole Body Barre will tone and lengthen your muscles very quickly!  We also offer full Pilates and yoga classes as a supplement to barre, and we find that those help increase strength and muscle tone more quickly when added to the barre classes.

I’ve never done barre and I’m nervous! What class should I start with?

At Whole Body we understand it’s always a little scary to try something new. Our classes cover skill and experience levels, so you can start whenever is most convenient for your schedule. Just let the teacher know it’s your first time and we’ll be happy to help make you feel comfortable! If you really want to move slowly to understand the movements and alignments, we offer Beginner Barre classes each week.

Do you have a changing area?

We offer a convenient and secure area to change and store your clothes and belongings.

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