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A Newbies Guide to Your First Barre Class
Posted by : dana tags : barre class, barre in Denver, whole body barre

It’s been five days since I discovered that I have something called a piriformis muscle in my hip area, and today was the first morning it wasn’t yelling at me for trying to walk around my house. After an hour-long barre class at Whole Body Barre in Denver, I spent the next few days with wobbly slinkies for legs, arms twitching when I lifted them above elbow-height, and pretty much everything from my neck down to my toes feeling like they had been kicked by a horse. And I can say that honestly, because I HAVE been kicked by a horse, so I know exactly what that feels like.

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Welcome! A Note from Dana, Whole Body Barre Owner

Welcome to Whole Body Barre! I decided to add the Barre Studio to my Pilates business next door, Whole Body Pilates, because I felt the clients would benefit from multiple types of movement in their weekly routines. I love Pilates and have taught it for a long time, and I’ve always recommended that my clients find the pieces that Pilates didn’t offer in other parts of their fitness regimens. The classes we offer in the new studio address those needs. 

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