Whole Body:
A whole system. Not just a workout.

We deliver Pilates, barre & yoga in an inclusive and kind community. Our highly trained instructors will help you feel welcome, strong, & supported.

What We Offer

Whole Body offers a variety of in-person and online options, always in small class sizes and with personalized attention.

  • Barre

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Personal Training

  • Teacher Training


Outside Workout


I loved her music and energy, I got a fantastic workout and Emily was the best!!! I want to go to all the classes she teaches.”

~Ellen B.


It was my first time back at Pilates in almost 2 years. Leslie was very patient and informative. Much appreciated!”

~Debbie H.


“Great class! Love the way class is set up with arms, legs, and core separate.”


All Classes

“I really enjoyed her class. She was friendly, caring and accommodating.”

~Cheryl S.


Excellent instructor. Offered example poses for each movement and offered assists, which really helps.”

~Darron V.


“That was a bomb class- she was excellent at form and giving verbal cues. I find that that is my make it or break it in reformer classes. Teachers who really are good at telling the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ elevates the session by leaps and bounds. Thank you.”

~Devon H.


“Brianna was so enthusiastic throughout the whole class and gave me such a great welcome to the studio! Will definitely be back to take her class again.”

~Erin S.

All Classes

“Damn good. Clear directions, great adjustments, wonderful core and form reminders. Calm, confident, affirming, supportive. Moves at a good pace.”

~Linda T.


“Emily is absolutely exceptional! She is such a professional, knows the body and how to encourage and support you to do the moves properly, she does ‘hands on’ instructing which maximizes the experience, and she meets you where you are.”

~Elizabeth K.