Class Descriptions


Whole Body Studios offers Pilates equipment classes for every age and skill level. Equipment Pilates classes are an excellent way to infuse extra weight-bearing into your workout routine. All equipment is provided by the studio, and Whole Body is happy to provide high-end Peak brand reformers, tower systems, chairs, and cadillacs.

Equipment Beginner:  These classes are designed for those new to Pilates and for those wanting to brush up on their fundamental Pilates skills. They will use any of the equipment that the teacher decides is beneficial to the individuals in the class, including reformer, tower, chair, mat, barrels, and foam roller. A great class for all levels to focus on fundamentals!

Equipment Intermediate:  Teachers may use any of the various pieces of equipment in these classes, which are ideal for students who are more familiar with Pilates principles and who want to step up the intensity of their workout. These classes move at a faster pace than beginner classes and will build on fundamental techniques.

Reformer Beginner/Intermediate:  Designed for newcomers to Pilates and for those who are familiar with fundamental Pilates exercises but want to brush up on their skills or prefer a more relaxed workout, these classes provide a great transition from private sessions into group classes.

Reformer Intermediate:  Designed for students who have a working knowledge of Pilates fundamentals and who want to step up their workout, these are excellent classes for those who have taken many private lessons and are ready for a challenging group class. These classes are also good for those who have taken many beginner classes and are ready for a new challenge.

Reformer Advanced:  These classes are designed for students who have taken Pilates classes or privates for a while and feel fit and comfortable enough with intermediate exercises, or who want to learn more advanced Pilates exercises. Students must be able to execute all beginner and many intermediate exercises. The pace of this class is much quicker than beginner and intermediate classes and requires a solid working knowledge of and comfort level with the Pilates equipment.

Chair—All Levels:  Wunda chair was Joseph Pilates’ way of pronouncing “wonder” chair. Come experience this compact, efficient piece of Pilates equipment! The teacher will modify exercises for all levels, and this class is a wundaful (pun intended) challenge to add to your existing Pilates workout. Students should complete at least a few private lessons or beginner group reformer or mat classes before attending a chair class.

Prenatal Equipment:  This class is designed specifically for expectant mothers. As you body changes during pregnancy, you need certain exercises more than others. There are also exercises that should be avoided during this exciting time. This class will create a safe, comfortable space to help you learn which exercises are appropriate so you can take that information into other classes. Also, this class will let you create a community with other expectant mamas while keeping your changing body in shape!


Whole Body Barre offers mat Pilates classes for every skill level. Mat Pilates classes are a good way to infuse variety into your workout routine. Mats are provided at the studio, but students are welcome to bring their own.

Pilates Mat Beginner/Intermediate:  Use your own body weight to challenge the muscles using the Pilates method in these classes. This method is a great way to take Pilates exercises home or on the road with you. You’ll learn how to find your alignment and progress through exercises that activate your core and challenge your entire body.

Pilates Mat Intermediate/Advanced:  These classes are for individuals who are very familiar with Pilates mat exercises and are looking for an additional challenge. Instruction includes muscle work that tests your endurance, strength, and flexibility. These classes move at a quick pace and are a great way to supplement other athletic activities.


Whole Body Barre’s yoga classes are a breath of fresh air. They begin by focusing on the fundamentals while synching breath and movement together to build a stronger body. We also offer a few higher-level classes for longer-term practitioners. We welcome all skill levels. Yoga mats are provided at the studio, but students are welcome to bring their own.

Whole Body Yoga—Vinyasa I:  These classes rejuvenate your mind and body while increasing strength, balance, and flexibility. These basic classes build upon fundamental poses while moving at a slower pace. The instructor gently challenges students to synchronize breath and movement. Students of all levels are welcome.

Whole Body Yoga—Vinyasa II:  A faster-paced class that uses your breath to support and guide you through each pose. You will be challenged to move and breathe in more elaborate sequences to strengthen your core and allow you to work on inversions or more intermediate poses in a safe and fun environment. This class enhances strength training and will help you achieve your fitness goals as you also benefit from the soothing, meditative mindfulness of yoga.

Whole Body Yoga—All Levels:  Translated literally, yoga means “union.” In these classes, you will explore the union of your body, mind, and soul through movement, breathwork, or meditation. The classes are designed for all levels, with beginning modifications and advanced variations offered for those who desire something more or less challenging.

Whole Body Yoga—Sculpt:  Take a breath-to-movement vinyasa style class to the next level by adding light free weights into the flow. Each posture is designed to create heat (or tapas) in the body while building strength and stability.


Our classes use the fundamental Whole Body Barre™ approach, which combines dance, Pilates, and yoga movements to stretch, lengthen and tone the whole body. We use plié, balancé, relevé, and other ballet movements aimed at building a dancer’s physique. We limit our class size to ensure each student receives one-on-one attention. All equipment is provided at the studio.

Whole Body Barre—All Levels:  Ideal for beginners and intermediate students, these classes are set to music and use Pilates, yoga, and ballet exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body. The classes also often integrate light free weights, exercise balls, glider, and/or resistance bands to strengthen the body and give you a full-body workout.

Whole Body Barre—Sculpt:  These classes take the all-levels format up a notch by incorporating free weights and weighted balls. While the core components of these classes are fast-paced repetitious ballet movements, anyone, including those without a dance background, can easily keep up thanks to step-by-step instruction.

Whole Body Barre—Intense:  Using the fundamentals of the all-levels format, these classes increase set reps and posture-hold times to ensure full muscle burnout and allow for an extended recovery period at the end of class. This class is not recommended for women past their first trimester of pregnancy.

Whole Body Barre—Cardio:  Fast-paced classes that elevate the heart rate by mixing cardio in with classical barre exercises. This class is not recommended for women past their first trimester of pregnancy.


Whole Body Studios offers private and two-person personal training sessions for those who want a more personalized workout.

Personal Training Sessions:  Our trainer analyzes your body to create an effective workout regiment that fixes muscle imbalances and helps you regain peak mobility and stability. We create a customized exercise plan and modify it as your body progresses and changes. We use a variety of top-rated equipment at our gym to meet your fitness needs. Contact us to learn more or inquire about pricing.