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Our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines, including Pilates, yoga, personal training, and Core Align. Because of our teachers’ broad base of knowledge and skill sets, we can bring more fun movements and variety to our classes.

Our instructors care about your well-being and listen to your needs. We'll work one-on-one with you and take the time to teach you the correct form, because we know how vital safety is to your health!

Dana Dreifus

Studio Owner, Certified Barre, Pilates, and Core Align Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

My interest in movement started after sustaining a spinal injury in a car accident. I found that keeping my body and core strong through varied movements reduced my back pain in a way no other forms of therapy could. This inspired me to share with others what had helped me so much.

I want people to have fun in my classes, to feel comfortable, to learn and practice an increased awareness of alignment and proper biomechanics techniques, and to sweat!

I have studied more than 2,000 hours of movement training from multiple teachers, physical therapists, and movement educators. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in the field in my movement studios, at PT clinics and at top local Pilates studios, and I’ve developed my professional skills while I’ve continued to practice intelligent movement for my own injuries. Because I came to a movement practice after being injured, I deeply understand how difficult it can be to start the movement rehabilitation process, and I will always be sensitive to your particular needs.

I have completed certifications in Barre and Core Align instruction through Balanced Body, and I am currently in a yoga teacher training program at Whole Yoga in Denver. I also completed a 500-hour Pilates certification.

Prior to earning my Pilates Certification, I graduated from CU-Denver with a B.S in biology, and I worked in an internal medicine office in Capitol Hill for seven years, so I’m very experienced in working with doctors who help patients through rehabilitation efforts.

Alex Wilson

Certified Yoga and Barre Instructor

With more than four years of experience teaching yoga and now barre classes, Alex knows how to use humor to lighten up a class. “You should expect the best class you’ve ever taken,” jokes Wilson, adding: “My specialty is conveying the seriousness of barre, yoga, and everything.” Wilson has a 200-hour yoga teacher, barre, and Schwinn cycling certifications. His classes focus on proper alignment—and making sure you understand how to move safely. When he’s not teaching, he’s taking care of his cat.

What song best describes your class? Make ’Em Say Uhh! by Master P.”

What would be a perfect vacation? A trip to the International Space Station.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? “Drive fast and take chances.” 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Denver? “Teach at Whole Body Studios.”

Jenn Ross

Certified Pilates Instructor

Expect the unexpected in Jen’s Pilates classes. “I love that every class can be different,” she says. “You have no idea what you are walking into and every movement evolves.” What is consistent is that Jen—who completed her 500-hour Pilates training at Whole Body Studios and is also a certified nutrition therapist—likes to get clients moving, especially through a long stretch series on the reformer. “I love seeing people find more awareness in their body from week to week,” Jen says. “I see them get stronger.” 

What would be a perfect vacation? “Any spot overseas where I can spend a day walking 10 to 15 miles to explore a city. I always come back from vacation with sore muscles!”

What’s the best advice you’ve received? “It’s from Mr. Rogers: Always look for the helpers.”

What’s on your bucket list? “My husband and I have always talked about building our own house. Before I die, I have to do that.” 

Samantha Egle

Certified Pilates Instructor

With more than 10 years spent training for and teaching stage combat, Sam is used to pushing her body hard. But after suffering a tear in her left labrum—and a reparative surgery—Sam discovered Pilates not only helped her recover, but inspired her to become a teacher. “I like to give clients the gift that Pilates gave me,” Egle says. “It helped me build strength and get back even more functionality because my movements are more anatomically focused.” Sam received her Pilates training at Whole Body Studios and also has a number of domestic and international certifications in fight directing, weapons, and advanced actor combat. Her classes are often unique because she focuses her sequences around who is in each class. “I like to connect with my students, find out their goals, and give them what they need on a particular day for their own personal development,” Sam says. “I just want them to leave feeling better—even if they are tired—than when they came in.” 

What would be a perfect vacation? “I think running off to Europe for a week and a half.” 

What’s the best advice you’ve received? “The world is changed by people who show up, so show up.” 

What’s on your bucket list? “I wanted to jump out of a plane for a really long time, and I still do, but I’d add visiting every continent and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.” 

Shilah Copeland

Certified Yoga Instructor​

Shilah has practiced yoga for years, but a lower back injury forced her to delve deeper into her practice to rebuild her body—and become a teacher. “Yoga was always there to help and support me,” Shilah says. “I like to think that teaching found its way to me more than I went out searching for it.” Now, she has completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher (RYT®) and a 60-hour volo aerial certification. In class, she strives to keep up an energetic pace with prominent breath work, fluid movements (she’s a fan of headstands and inversions to get blood flowing in different directions), and just the right tunes. “I pride myself on my playlist!” Shilah says. 

What’s the best fitness advice you’ve received? “At the end of the day, they won’t say how great your handstand was.” 

What’s on your bucket list? “The Seven Wonders. I’ve been to Machu Picchu, so I’ve got one done.” 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Denver? “I like to eat good food, walk around art districts, and enjoy live music. I just love exploring. It’s such a blessing to have new and fascinating places in our backyard.”

Sanja Le Roux

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Christy Marshall

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Shari Barta

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Gina Wilson

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Andi Rehr

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Daina Rasutis

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